C1 Bank Client Story

There is a new energy now. We are transforming the company culture, and the Wonderlic tests have helped us develop a profile for success.

Client Spotlight: C1 Bank

“Cutting edge technology” and “community bank” are two phrases you don’t usually see in the same sentence. But, in the case of C1 Bank, a St. Petersburg based Florida bank, they not only belong together, but C1 is raising the bar for banks everywhere. They have a number of pending technology patents and a dedicated software lab where developers work tirelessly to ensure C1 Bank continues to deliver excellent service through the power of technology.

Being focused on pushing the technology envelope requires employees that are able to think outside the box. “We are an entrepreneurial bank for entrepreneurs,” says Lynn Woods, HR Exec with over three years with C1. “We want talented people who are future thinking. We want the best and the brightest, associates who are able to generate new and better ideas.”

Their former hiring process included traditional methods of recruiting such as networking and referrals, which frequently resulted in hires that interviewed well, but didn’t perform at the level needed to support the growth initiatives of the company. In addition, the company wanted to reduce turnover and the resulting costs associated with hiring and training. C1 Bank made the decision to implement two Wonderlic assessments to aid in the hiring process: a behavioral assessment and the Wonderlic Personnel Test (WPT) to evaluate cognitive ability.

Lynn first piloted the WPT on candidates recruited to be a part of C1 Bank’s Management Associate Program. This unique program develops the skills and experience that key banking professionals require. Lynn tells us that by using the WPT in conjunction with the interview/selection process, they “…have been able to establish a very predictive benchmark for candidates who would complete the program successfully.”

Once they discovered just how accurate the WPT was at predicting program completion, they implemented it as part of their hiring process and began using it on all of their candidates for every position, from tellers to executive management.

Today the quality of their new hires has resulted in tremendous success for the company.

“We are better equipped to identify candidates across the company that are a good fit for our culture and needs,” says Lynn.

The progressive culture at C1 Bank is represented by their unique management style. In fact, their corporate headquarters has no offices. All executives, including the company CEO, Chairman, President, and other Senior Executives work in pod-style seating among other associates at the corporate headquarters. This allows for the free flow of creative ideas and collaboration, and that creativity and collaboration is seen at every level, including their banking centers.

“There is a new energy now,” says Lynn. “We are transforming the company culture, and the Wonderlic tests have helped us develop a profile for success.”