Blake Austin College Client Story

We’re retaining more students because we’re able to admit a better quality student.

How to Turn 4 Hours into 15 Minutes

Blake Austin College, a nationally accredited career college, offers certificates in medical and beauty professions in Vacaville, California. This growing school recently opened their second campus and currently educates approximately 250 students each year. Their programs run from 9-13 months and include Vocational Nursing, Dental Assisting, both Administrative and Medical Assisting with Phlebotomy, Pharmacy Technician Cosmetology, Massage, Esthetician and Holistic Health Practitioner.

Retention was the toughest challenge administrators at Blake Austin faced. Students were passing the basic skills test the school used as an entrance exam, yet some struggled in their classes and eventually dropped out of the program. The college had to find a better way to evaluate incoming students.

Lisa Miller, the Lead Enrollment Advisor at Blake Austin, explains, “We believe that if a student can learn, we can teach them. So we needed a test that would measure the ability to learn, and the SLE does that for us.”

The Wonderlic Scholastic Level Exam (SLE), which measures cognitive ability, was added to the school’s admissions process, and very quickly they noticed a healthy increase in student retention. Since the test is only 12 minutes in length and administered online, it wasn’t as intimidating as the 90 minute test the school had been using.

“We’re retaining more students because we’re able to admit a better quality student,” says Lisa. “They’re no longer dropping because they can’t handle the material.”

Blake Austin also experienced a side benefit they hadn’t anticipated but are very happy about – more efficiency in the admissions office. With two campuses administering over 1500 tests per year, the amount of time saved is considerable.

“Productivity for our admissions reps has really moved up. We’ve gone from spending between two and four hours with each student testing, scanning answer sheets, and potentially retesting, to only 15 minutes! The time savings is really amazing.”

Lisa and her staff are also impressed by the ease of use in both administering and scoring the SLE. “It fits our process much better and is so much simpler,” she states. “Having the results immediately is fantastic, and since it’s automatically scored, we don’t worry about errors.”

Blake Austin College is constantly striving to produce the highest quality graduates, and that begins with admitting the highest quality students. With the Wonderlic Scholastic Level Exam (SLE), they are now confident in their ability to meet that goal.