Biotronic Client Story

Turnover...has dramatically decreased by a third every year since we implemented the assessment...

Client Spotlight: Biotronic NeuroNetwork

Biotronic NeuroNetwork provides intraoperative neurophysiological monitoring. They have provided a complete array of neurophysiological monitoring services throughout the U.S. for the last 25 years. Biotronic employs 150 clinical specialists and currently monitors more than 27,000 surgeries per year.

Personality Profile Saves Thousands by Identifying Qualified Technologists

Biotronic, a company that provides neurophysiologic monitoring of patients during surgery uses the Wonderlic Personal Characteristics Inventory to find qualified technologists. The position requires a science background and skills, as well as the dedication, patience, willingness, and personality to do the job successfully.

The Personal Characteristics Inventory is one component in a multi-phase recruitment approach that helps Biotronic meet its mission statement of providing quality and cost-efficient intraoperative neurophysiologic monitoring with well-trained clinical staff. Tess Thomas, Human Resources & Credentialing Director for Biotronics elaborates, “From the job board to the recruiting team to our Regional Directors – we efficiently winnow down the candidate pool, saving valuable time and money recruiting and training staff – savings that we are able to pass on to the client.”

To meet the goal of providing the highest quality surgical monitoring services available, every Biotronic technologist must meet the company’s stringent position profile and successfully complete an extensive three-month training program. The Wonderlic Personal Characteristics Inventory was calibrated against the Biotronic position profile to help recruiters make decisions based on deeper insight into candidates.

Biotronics wholistic approach to recruiting has positively impacted employee retention.

“Turnover in our training program for the technologist position has dramatically decreased by a third every year since we implemented the assessment in 2005,” shares Thomas. “Biotronic makes a substantial investment in our technologist’s success, so retention is critical.”