Bermuda Adult Education School Client Story

GAIN has been working just great for us.

Client Spotlight: Bermuda Adult Education School

The Adult Education School, located in Bermuda, welcomes students from 16 years up who are seeking their high school equivalency diplomas (GED), as well as students who simply want to learn to read. The school provides the education necessary for a student seeking to earn his or her GED, from simple testing of students that are already well prepared for the GED, to the education of others who need further knowledge and skills before they are ready to take the GED exam.

GAIN Helps Bermuda Students Obtain Their GED

When Bonnie McGlynn, Academic Director at the Adult Education School in Bermuda, was at a recent education conference, she discovered Wonderlic’s General Assessment of Instructional Needs (GAIN)® testing platform. Bonnie thought it was just the thing she needed to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the school’s admissions process.

“I was looking for a screening tool that would give us a better understanding of where to place students,” she explains. “We weren’t looking to screen out students; we were looking for a way to more effectively place them within the range of our programs.”

McGlynn explains that the Adult Education School offers a full range of instruction for adults of any age who want to take their high-school equivalency exam to obtain their GED. Some students entering the school are ready to immediately take the test. Others need years of instruction to build their skills and knowledge to that level. Still others fall between those two points on the school’s educational spectrum.

Knowing exactly where to place students is critical to their success, and she chose GAIN to help her team do just that. Now, all students entering the Adult Education School first take the GAIN test.

“GAIN has been working just great for us,” she says. “The test tells us the areas where our students need to focus the most, so we can provide appropriate instruction.”

Adult students going back to school to earn their degrees might be a bit intimidated by the initial testing involved, but McGlynn explains that her team lets the students know that GAIN is not a pass/fail test, and it is not used to screen people out of the program.

“I tell the students that it’s not a test, it’s simply a way for us to find out what we need to do to get them ready for the GED,” she says. When presented that way, the process isn’t stressful for students.

McGlynn is very happy with GAIN and her partnership with Wonderlic. “The support from Wonderlic has been fantastic. It’s a pleasure working with everyone, and they have been so responsive and accommodating to our needs.”

She plans to continue using GAIN for years to come.