Aveda Client Story

Wonderlic was so great to work with, their entire team is filled with individuals that go the extra mile, and their education experience is a huge help in understanding our needs.

Aveda and Wonderlic: Working Together for Hiring Success


Nurtur Aveda is a renowned cosmetology and esthetics school that is committed to providing industry-leading education to its students. The salon is the classroom at Aveda’s three campuses, where hands-on experience catering to a diverse clientele prepares students for a profitable career in the beauty industry upon graduation. Aveda has been using Wonderlic’s student assessments for seven years to identify and select those most likely to succeed in its program, but wanted to test out Wonderlic’s hiring assessments as well.


Like many institutions in the beauty sector, Aveda hires for a variety of jobs, including educators/instructors and business/administration functions. That means HR director Meg Collins, PHR, must ensure that the salon has a professional team that can operate efficiently while simultaneously recruiting top instructors with the aptitude and personality needed to thrive in a classroom.

Collins’ hiring process was a familiar one. After posting on job boards and receiving hundreds of applications, she spent an average of two days screening candidates. That meant coordinating and conducting phone screens, sending the top candidates to her hiring managers and, ultimately, making offers to their preferred candidates. Collins needed to address two shortcomings: make her process more efficient and find candidates better suited to specific roles.

Aveda’s process occasionally led to hires that were poor fits to the demanding, multi-tiered roles in teaching, cosmetology and esthetics. Collins found that many candidates misrepresented themselves in both the application and interview systems, and upon being hired didn’t last long – costing Aveda valuable time and money. She needed to reduce the efforts she was putting into reviewing resumes and screening potential hires to have more meaningful, in-person interactions with her staff and with qualified candidates.


By using Wonderlic, Collins can identify which individuals are most likely to thrive at Aveda. With easy-to-interpret results and intuitive candidate reports, Collins and the hiring managers can get an immediate idea of who is most likely to become a top performer.


Since implementing the Wonderlic assessments, Collins has cut her overall screening time from two days to less than half a day. After less than a year of working with Wonderlic, Collins weeded out those candidates that were poor fits and greatly improved the quality of hires. Aveda expects to reduce turnover by 15 to 20 percent and save at least $21,000 in recruiting, hiring, and training costs by 2019.