Arnold Logistics LLC Client Story

This test helps us so much in the long run because we can avoid the problems caused by inaccuracies and focus on providing outstanding customer service.

Client Spotlight: Arnold Logistics LLC

Arnold Logistics LLC is a full-service logistics provider with more than 20 facilities encompassing more than 5 million square feet of warehousing space and more than 1,200 employees. ARLO operations are located in central Pennsylvania, Dallas, Texas, Columbus, Ohio, and Champaign, Illinois. Since 1976, the company has expanded its total business solution from general warehousing to include fulfillment, contract packaging/manufacturing, reverse logistics, and transportation.

Aptitude Tests Ensure Accuracy for Company with Impressive Service Rating

Arnold Logistics’ (ARLO) service record is nothing short of incredible. Since its inception in 1976, ARLO has never lost a client to service or performance issues. The company holds a 99.9% service accuracy rating by providing customers with a flawless combination of transportation, distribution, order fulfillment, contract packaging, reverse logistics and record storage. They ship 50,000 orders daily from 20 facilities across Pennsylvania, Texas, Illinois, and Ohio, with a client promise of 2-day delivery that usually arrives in half the time.

To keep up ARLO’s record, employees know that they must be accurate and precise in their work at all times. Every link in the service chain, from management to maintenance, needs to maintain ARLO’s high standards.

Lisa Huber, ARLO’s Human Resource Staffing Manager, understands that service is of the utmost importance. Mistakes in billing, accounts receivable, or other clerical positions can be costly. Huber finds it challenging to assess applicants for jobs that depend on numerical skills.

“It’s very hard to tell in an interview, even if people have great references, how well they work with numbers,” says Huber. “They’re not going to tell you that they tend to transpose numbers all the time or make other mistakes in math. That’s why the Wonderlic test is so important to us.”

Huber uses the Hay Aptitude Test Battery to assess candidates’ number recognition, memory and basic math skills, to determine the level of numerical accuracy of the people she hires. ARLO has been using the test with great success since 1996. The Hay Aptitude Test Battery are administered to approximately 1,000 people per year. Typical applicants include those who will perform inventory audits and verify numbers, clerical workers who enter data, and fork lift operators and laborers.

Huber also gives the test to internal employees who apply to move into those types of jobs. “This test helps us so much in the long run because we can avoid the problems caused by inaccuracies and focus on providing outstanding customer service,” says Huber.