Apple Chevrolet Client Story

Can candidates only be trained to do routine tasks, or are they capable of performing tasks that are more complex? The test tells me all of that.

Client Spotlight: Apple Chevrolet

Apple Chevrolet is a busy 100-employee dealership that sells a full line of Chevys, Acuras, and Subarus in York, Pennsylvania.

Proven Track Record Influences Human Resources Manager

Buying a car is a major financial decision in most people’s lives. It’s critical to have the right person on the sales floor to aid in that decision. A customer’s perception of the dealership is affected not only by salespeople, but also by others like the maintenance team and finance and accounting personnel. One poorly chosen employee could send a customer to the competition.

Sheri Roseberry, Human Resources Manager at Apple Chevrolet, knows that every employee she hires impacts organizational success.

Seven years ago, limited access to applicant background information drove Roseberry to search for a better way to evaluate job candidates. She found the Wonderlic Personnel Test (WPT-R) and Wonderlic Comprehensive Personality Profile, which she now uses regularly in hiring new people for any position at the dealership.

For accounting, finance, clerical, technical, and other positions, Roseberry uses the Wonderlic Personnel Test (WPT-R). “The Wonderlic Personnel Test shows me how well candidates process information,” she says. “It tells me whether they have the mental capacity to do the job they’re applying for. Can candidates only be trained to do routine tasks, or are they capable of performing tasks that are more complex? The test tells me all of that.”

The Wonderlic Comprehensive Personality Profile is used for hiring employees who are responsible for generating income, such as sales and service employees. These individuals become the all-important “face” of the dealership and they need to represent character traits like trust, enthusiasm, and drive. “The Wonderlic Comprehensive Personality Profile shows me the strengths and weaknesses of those applicants,” she says. “By using the Wonderlic tests combined with interviews, and a person’s resume and experience, we’ve come up with a solid method of predicting how a candidate will perform on the job.”

The tests alone were not the sole reason Roseberry chose Wonderlic. The final decision was based on the company’s impressive track record. “The fact that Wonderlic has been doing this for so long — they have years of compiled information and data behind them— was very important to me,” she says. “They help you understand what you’re testing for, and what the test scores mean because they have all those years of data to compare with your job applicants. If someone just developed a test last year, you wouldn’t really know how solid it is and they wouldn’t have the history to back up the test.”