Always Best Care of Greater Cleveland Client Story

Wonderlic prevented us from making another hiring mistake...

Client Spotlight: Always Best Care of Greater Cleveland (ABCGC)

Always Best Care of Greater Cleveland (ABCGC) opened its doors in 2008 as a non-medical service provider to seniors in the greater Cleveland, Ohio area. In 2011, the company began to provide skilled home health care and became a certified Medicare provider. With 58 employees to manage – most of them RNs, LPNs and home health aides – ABCGC has struggled to fill its Staffing Coordinator position.

Christi Bechtold, co-owner of ABCGC and the administrator of the skilled home health care division, describes the Staffing Coordinator position as “a high pressure job” requiring organizational skills and the ability to handle high levels of stress. In addition, this person needs to be empathetic to the needs of their clients and home health aides. So Christi did what many small businesses do: she promoted a current employee (home health aide) who was a good performer to the position, thinking that they would have the capacity to do the job well.

“It was a huge failure,” recalls Christi. “It cost us several clients and dozens of good quality employees.”

After terminating that employee, Christi promoted another home health aide. She only remained in the position for about a year. She quit due to the frustration she experienced on the job. “She was a great home health aide, but she couldn’t learn how to use and apply our software. She just didn’t have the intelligence for the position and was disorganized.”

The third time’s a charm, right?

This time, Christi decided she needed to assess the candidate’s aptitude, personality and skills before hiring. So she began researching test providers, while simultaneously trying to fill the position. Knowing she needed “empirical evidence,” she created her own questionnaire to use as a screening tool. She interviewed eight applicants and hired one of the four who aced her questions.

“I thought he was a perfect fit. We hired him; he went through orientation and training, and three days before he was due to start, he quit via text.”

Christi got on the phone and called Wonderlic, who fast-tracked her implementation. ABCGC was up and running with a pre-hire assessment solution within 24 hours of that phone call.

ABCGC then went through the process of testing the top three candidates, and those results led Christi to a surprising decision. She hired the one she had ranked at the bottom after the interviews.

“Wonderlic prevented us from making another hiring mistake,” she says. “I could not have created a better Staffing Coordinator. I’ve never had such excellent performance in a position as I have right now.”

ABCGC uses the Wonderlic Personnel Test – Quicktest (WPT-Q), Wonderlic Personnel Test (WPT-R) and Personal Characteristics Inventory® (PCI) during the pre-hire process.

In his first week on the job – unsupervised because Christi was out of town – his efforts saved them enough money to pay all of the company’s Wonderlic costs. And today, after only one month on the job, he has taken them down from 130 unstaffed hours per week to under 20 per week – a projected annual revenue bump of over $130,000.

The results have been so beneficial to ABCGD that Christi plans to implement Wonderlic testing for all future hires, regardless of position.

“I wish we had found Wonderlic earlier. We could have saved the agency a lot of misery and money.”