ActionLink Client Story

Wonderlic assessments have saved us energy and time in our hiring process, making it easy to hire quality talent more quickly.

Mobile Wonderlic Assessments Help ActionLink Expand Pool of Qualified Candidates


With offices in Akron, Ohio and Las Vegas, Nevada, ActionLink provides strategic support of sales, training andmerchandising to retailers throughout the U.S. ActionLink is tasked with supporting national sales programs for big box electronic stores, examining as many as 18,000 applicants annually. In recent years, ActionLink grew concerned by negative trends it observed as its applicant base continued to shift toward using smartphones or other mobile devices when testing. ActionLink found that it was missing out on quality candidates due to the use of a lengthy pre-employment assessment that was not mobile-optimized. It was creating big delays in the process, or even worse – causing candidates to drop off altogether when testing. Losing candidates due to the “shift to mobile” became a real problem. ActionLink turned to Wonderlic to help combat this mobile attrition and stay competitive for its candidates.


To combat attrition and help increase ActionLink’s viable pool of applicants, Wonderlic recommended using two assessments that are mobile-optimized and shorter in duration. Wonderlic’s Comprehensive Personality Profile® (CPP®) and Motivation Potential Assessment (MPA) were selected as the solution for ActionLink. These assessments could deliver a mobile-optimized experience across any device, making it easy for candidates to take the tests when it was most convenient. This increase in speed and efficiency would help ActionLink spot top candidates and contact them before competitors could snap them up. As an added benefit, the CPP and MPA easily integrated with ActionLink’s applicant tracking system (ATS).


The mobile-optimized Wonderlic assessments have dramatically transformed ActionLink’s hiring process. The assessment take rate has skyrocketed, and recruiters can quickly and efficiently identify top candidates. The larger pool of qualified candidates has made it much easier for the recruiters to fill open positions with quality talent. Wonderlic assessments also provide ActionLink’s recruiters with the tools they need to make more informed hiring decisions.

“The test results give recruiters the confidence to discuss qualified candidates with hiring managers, including traits that align well with our performance objectives and how well they may respond to their management style.” Maureen Hascher, VP of Talent Acquisition, ActionLink and President, SHRM – Akron, Ohio Chapter.

Maureen encourages colleagues to add Wonderlic assessments to their hiring process without hesitation.