Pre-Screen and Interview Questions

Wonderlic Pre-Screen Questionnaires and Structured Behavioral Interviews

We help you quickly identify the most qualified candidates before the interview with our pre-screen questionnaires, and provide training and targeted, questions for use during the interview.

Our pre-screen questionnaires enable candidates to apply for jobs at their convenience from any computer with internet access. These automated pre-screening questionnaires make it simple for active and passive candidates to apply, and the item-level sorting capabilities allow you to quickly identify the most qualified individuals, regardless of the size of the applicant pool.

Our structured interview provides you with the training and tools to conduct fair, objective and legally defensible interviews. Gather and document the job-related information you need to objectively compare and contrast candidates.

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Our Pre-Screen Questionnaires and Structured Behavioral Interview

Product Name


  • The first step in shrinking the candidate pool to only the most qualified applicants
  • Moves qualified candidates forward; politely exits those who are not competitive
  • Fits seamlessly within your hiring process
  • Standardized questions based on a job analysis
  • Scoring matrix
  • Documentation guide
  • Interviewer training
  • Ongoing support