Comprehensive Personality Profile ®

Does your candidate have the seven critical personality factors for job success?

This personality profile measures seven primary and ten secondary personality traits, which identify candidates as one of four common personality types: Driver, Supporter, Thinker or Motivator.

The Comprehensive Personality Profile ® (CPP ®) is especially effective for positions requiring significant client interaction, such as customer service, telemarketing and sales.

Organizations that measure personality traits as part of their hiring process are better able to understand how a candidate’s personality profile can impact job satisfaction and performance. This understanding helps reduce recruitment costs and turnover. The Comprehensive Personality Profile Test may be used for hiring and employee development purposes.

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Job-specific scoring ranges

900 job profiles are available in our comprehensive Job Index Engine. Custom job profiles can be created by our team of Industrial/Organizational professionals.

Two Administration Methods Available

Online administration, scoring and reporting: Remote or on-site from any computer with Internet connectivity, individual and group administration, and results are available in minutes. Paper and pencil administration: Fax-back or template scoring, includes step-by-step administration guide and individual or group administration.

Intuitive results report

Five unique reports are generated: Selection Report – 5 pages, Manager’s Supervisory Report – 9 pages, Sales Manager’s Report – 9 pages, Sales Training Supplement – 3 pages and Individual’s Self Report – 10 pages. Our simple, three-color system—Green, Yellow and Red—indicates candidate suitability compared to the ideal scoring ranges for that position.

Simple Candidate Record Management

Sort and filter tools enable you to quickly rank, order and prioritize candidates based on score. Candidate progression through your hiring process can be easily tracked.


  • Gain insights into personality traits for positions that require significant client interaction

  • Improve employee productivity and satisfaction by matching a candidate’s combination of personality traits to job fit

  • Helps identify candidates most suitable for a specific job

  • Supports decreases in employee turnover

  • Evaluate current employees for developmental purposes

Client Stories

The Wonderlic Comprehensive Personality Profile is amazingly accurate.
— Bruce Nerison Owner of Wheel City Auto
I am always looking for ways to improve what we do. If you have a limited amount of time and money to invest in people, you want to invest it where you have the best odds of success. So I invest in Wonderlic assessments.
— Bill Gibbens Managing Partner
The WPT-R gives us indicators that they can “get it,” if they can put the pieces together and do the job... The CPP focuses on call courage and their ability to handle rejection and fit in with our team.
— Bret Winholtz Managing Partner
The internal use of the online tests is triple what we anticipated.
— Lisa Dyson Retention Recruitment Manager
It’s an effective tool and it makes us confident that we're hiring the right people for the job.
— Beverley Wenner Human Resources Generalist for Bombardier Motor Corp. of America, a Grant, Florida-based branch of BRP
Wonderlic tests are an accurate measure of how a person will perform.
— David Rice Vice President of Operation for Savannah Luggage Works
The sky is the limit and without Wonderlic none of this could have happened.
— David McKenna President of Good Tidings Plumbing, Heating and Cooling
Can candidates only be trained to do routine tasks, or are they capable of performing tasks that are more complex? The test tells me all of that.
— Sheri Roseberry Human Resources Manager at Apple Chevrolet
...It allows me to be more open with them and helps us all communicate better.
— Bill Dow General Manager of Peoples Flower Shops, in Albuquerque, New Mexico
We had more than 750 candidates for these positions and hired the four in just five calendar weeks. How does that rate for speed?
— Chris Turner CTI General Manager personal opinion is that Wonderlic offers the most in-depth solutions.
— Joe Koval CEO of Future Focus
I’ve seen the Wonderlic tests work for twenty years, which is why I believe in them.
— Kari Viglasky President of CEO International
We couldn’t be more pleased with how this has helped our process.
— Jeff McDonald Director of Human Resources
Hiring the wrong person is more costly to the company than we can measure,” she says. “Wonderlic has allowed us to really pinpoint the person who is our best fit.
— Sara Laures Vice President of VGM Education
We can identify an aptitude for skill development and opportunity for growth.
“It’s part of how we do recruiting now. We don’t want to do anything without seeing Wonderlic results first.
— Jim Keane Manufacturing Recruiting Manager for American Woodmark
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