Wonderlic Personnel Test - Quicktest (WPT-Q)

Using the Wonderlic Personnel Test – Quicktest (WPT-Q) will help you pre-qualify candidates before inviting them onsite.

This allows your staff to focus on candidates who likely have the cognitive skills to succeed on the job, saving valuable time and resources.

The WPT-Q helps measure how well a candidate will be able to understand instructions, learn, adapt, solve problems and handle the cognitive demands of the position.

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The Wonderlic Personnel Test - Quicktest supports quicker and better informed hiring decisions in today's fast-paced market.

Job-specific scoring ranges

900 job profiles are available in our comprehensive Job Index Engine. Custom job profiles can be created by our team of Industrial/Organizational psychologists.

Remote, online administration

Candidates take the 8-minute remote test at their convenience from any computer with internet access.

Intuitive results report

Easy-to-interpret results are shown on the page. Our simple, three-color system indicates candidate suitability compared to the recommended scoring range for that position. Green, Yellow and Red denotes Pursue, Caution and Not Recommended, respectively.

Simple candidate record management

Online sort and filter tools enable you to quickly rank order and prioritize candidates based on score. Candidate progression through your hiring process can be easily tracked.


  • Save time by pre-qualifying candidates before onsite interviews

  • Assess an individual’s ability to learn

  • Avoid costly mis-hires

  • Decrease training time

Client Stories

We couldn’t be more pleased with how this has helped our process.
— Jeff McDonald Director of Human Resources
The sky is the limit and without Wonderlic none of this could have happened.
— David McKenna President of Good Tidings Plumbing, Heating and Cooling
The ease of the process is wonderful. It’s only 8 minutes online and then 12 minutes in the office. This creates a better experience for us and the candidate.
— Stacey Kluge HR Operations Manager
Wonderlic prevented us from making another hiring mistake...
— Christi Bechtold Co-Owner of ABCGC
It saves us a ton of time. We’re so happy with the quality of hires and their success on the job.
— Kathryn Guthrie franchise Owner
“It’s part of how we do recruiting now. We don’t want to do anything without seeing Wonderlic results first.
— Jim Keane Manufacturing Recruiting Manager for American Woodmark
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