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Wrapping Up 2018

January 14, 2019


2018 was a big year for the HR Tech community. We saw vast advancements in technology and fresh ideas that raised the bar of how we attract, engage – and partner with – the best candidates and help make them fast-successful employees. It is an amazing time for our industry!

At Wonderlic, we also had an exciting year, a year of listening to our clients, and taking incisive action on their behalf. In our 80-year history, 2018 witnessed Wonderlic execute what was arguably our most customer-centric push ever, making strides in our Wonscore® 2.0 product that reflected not only best-in-class HR science, but advancements that directly reflected client input, desires, and aspirations. Fittingly, you, our customer, were our core focus in 2018.

To note, first, Wonderlic made a large investment (across people, process, and technology and tools) in deepening and modernizing our Client Success team and support structure to ensure that every customer receives consistent, timely, and excellent customer support and service.

Next, beyond the baseline of expanding our core assessment technology to provide a more engaging/enjoyable candidate user experience, here are just a few areas of product improvement we made to better serve you and the industry:

  • For Candidate Selection, we acted on our leading client request of 2017 as we rolled out detailed, easy-to-understand candidate results to make assessment data clear and simple. We made it easier than ever to select the best candidate.
  • Relative to Interview Questions, we responded to customer requests for even more job-specific interview questions to support our clients through the toughest part of the screening process.
  • For Onboarding those best candidates-now-turned-employees, we added new hire success tips that make assessment data useful after hiring, and help our clients get the quickest, highest ROI from the selected candidate by ensuring their success.
  • In the area of Candidate Comparison, per our customers’ requests, we created a simple-yet-powerful way to compare a shortlist of candidates and understand meaningful differences in how they are likely to perform on the job.
  • Last and certainly not least, 2018 was a time for new Measures of Motivation. As you well know, assessing candidate motivation is both extremely difficult and extremely important.  We enhanced our motivational measures enabling even more precise matching of the right talent to the right job,

Later in January, look for our “2019 Wonderlic Look Ahead” note, as we outline our next level of groundbreaking progress.

As always, thank you so much for sharing this journey with us!

Best to you,

Charlie Wonderlic

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