The Quest to De-Stress at Work

by Wonderlic Soft Skills on May 25, 2017
A large portion of self-management skills are dedicated to avoiding or dealing with workplace stress. Time management is an obvious starting point. But it's important to recognize that a large part of stress is in your mind. Ah… So how do you feel about that statement? What is your emotional response when someone tells you that what you... Read more >

Entry-Level Job Applicants Do Have Communication Skills – But Maybe Employers Don’t Realize It

by Wonderlic Soft Skills on April 19, 2017
Ask employers about which soft skills they find lacking in entry-level job applicants, and you’ll find communication skills near the top of every list. In reality, young job applicants are more connected and communicative than any previous generation. The difference is, the communication isn’t necessarily spoken. When you see entry-le... Read more >

14 Characteristics Impacting Student Engagement

by Wonderlic Soft Skills on March 31, 2017
What can you start doing today to begin boosting student engagement? In a recent study conducted by Wonderlic, Inc. and the Imagine America Foundation, researchers discovered the top 14 characteristics that are highly correlated with student engagement. This is promising research for schools that are looking for ways to increase retention... Read more >

Listening and “Digital Natives”

by Wonderlic Soft Skills on March 13, 2017
According to Marc Prensky, the author of Teaching Digital Natives, people born and raised during the digital age (people under the age of 30) are “digital natives.”  That means that the majority of people running organizations today are “digital immigrants.” And, don’t kid yourself, there is more than your average communica... Read more >