The Top 5 Ways to Improve Employee Retention

by Wonderlic Inc. on June 13, 2012
Happy, engaged and motivated employees = lower turnover. This post touches on five things you can do to promote happiness, engagement and motivation at your company. Today we're going talk to you about five techniques that can help your company increase its employee retention rate. When considering employee retention, we like to think... Read more >

Preparing for NRS Reporting Changes

by Education Solutions on June 8, 2012
It seems so long ago since state directors, adult education stakeholders, and the OVAE staff met to make changes regarding follow-up measures. But the time has come, and these changes will go into effect in just a few weeks. What's changing? While in the past, the NRS relied on student self-reported goals like “earn my GED,” effect... Read more >

House Appropriations Bill Blocks Implementation of EEOC Guidelines

by David Arnold on June 5, 2012
On April 25, 2012, the EEOC released new guidelines regarding employers’ use of criminal conviction information in the employment process. In the wake of the release of these guidelines, the business community, as well as other interested parties, has indicated that the guidelines go way too far in their restriction of employers' use of... Read more >