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Which Employee Reliability Test is Right For You?

May 28, 2013

If you’re not measuring a potential employee’s behavioral reliability, you’re making a big mistake!

According to the report, “A Typology of Deviant Workplace Behaviors: A Multidimensional Scaling Study,” by Sandra L. Robinson and Rebecca J. Bennett, counterproductive and delinquent workplace behaviors cost organizations an estimated $6 to $100 billion annually. Out of all the employees included in their research, up to 75% have engaged in deviant or delinquent workplace behaviors (i.e, theft, computer fraud, vandalism, sabotage, embezzlement, and absenteeism.) This means you probably have some employees or are on the verge of hiring an employee who could prove to be very costly to your organization.

But how can you effectively, and legally, distinguish the reliable from the unreliable?

Assess the Risk
I would highly recommend using an employee reliability test during your hiring process. Reliability tests are extremely useful for screening applicants for the vast majority of jobs in our economy.

By ensuring you are hiring a quality employee, you are creating a better work environment for your new and current workforce. By reducing the likelihood of hiring a risky employee you are increasing your overall productivity and success.

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