An Onboarding Tool is Your New Hire’s First Step to Success

by Brett Huston on December 18, 2018
You finally found a babysitter. That night out you and your significant other have been craving for months is actually happening. But when the sitter arrives, you’re so eager to get to your dinner and a movie date that you neglected to provide any relevant details about your baby - feeding schedule, sleeping schedule, crying tendencies,... Read more >

How to Make Your Job Analysis More Strategic

by Brett Huston on December 4, 2018
Making a new hire isn’t as simple as writing up a job description, identifying and interviewing the top candidates, and extending an offer. A strategic job analysis before your opening hits the market can help excite and engage the right candidates before they even touch the application. In the new hiring landscape, your job analysis ne... Read more >

Interview Guides Are Your Ace in the Hole

by John Moye on November 28, 2018
If you like playing roulette with the success of your company at stake, you probably love unstructured interviews. That’s because an unstructured interview is just as effective as flipping a coin when it comes to identifying qualified candidates. And, unfortunately, far too many recruiters and hiring managers apparently love leaving the... Read more >

What are the Best Job Boards to Use?

by Lindsey Gad on September 11, 2018
It’s clear that in order to get your openings visible to job searchers, you must post your positions on job boards. But what are the best job boards? In our digital age, searching online job boards has become the norm for seeking employment. In fact, a... Read more >
Your Employees Are Your Brand

Your Brand Ambassadors Are the People You’re Hiring

by Lindsey Gad on September 7, 2018
Every successful company aspires to create a strong brand. And part of building a brand is creating a workforce full of brand ambassadors. Not only does a strong brand correlate with the obvious benefits of increased sales volume and allowance for premium pricing, it can also have an amazing effect on your applic... Read more >

How to Hire: 4 Must-Dos Before Hiring an Employee

by Josh Siler on September 28, 2017
Hiring new talent for your business can be challenging if you don’t have the proper hiring process in place. Missteps in the hiring process are most likely to occur when you have a short timeframe, are understaffed or are unsure about how to hire. Avoid these missteps by getting ahead of the hiring game. Below are four things you should do be... Read more >

Reviving Critical Thinking: What is it?

by Wonderlic Soft Skills on September 1, 2017
Which answer would you select from this Audience Poll? This poll was used as part of our latest soft skills webinar which was focused on "Critical Thinking." The correct response is C, "Objectively analyzing information to determine credibility." But the majority attending the webinar chose response B, a description of problem sol... Read more >