How to Hire: 4 Must-Dos Before Hiring an Employee

by Josh Siler on September 28, 2017
Hiring new talent for your business can be challenging if you don’t have the proper hiring process in place. Missteps in the hiring process are most likely to occur when you have a short timeframe, are understaffed or are unsure about how to hire. Avoid these missteps by getting ahead of the hiring game. Below are four things you should do be... Read more >

Reviving Critical Thinking: What is it?

by Wonderlic Soft Skills on September 1, 2017
Which answer would you select from this Audience Poll? This poll was used as part of our latest soft skills webinar which was focused on "Critical Thinking." The correct response is C, "Objectively analyzing information to determine credibility." But the majority attending the webinar chose response B, a description of problem sol... Read more >

10 Reasons Why Your SMB Should Outsource Recruitment

by Christy Hopkins on August 16, 2017
Just mentioning outsourcing recruitment typically makes small to midsize business (SMB) leaders cringe as they imagine the cost of recruiting agencies and recruiting platforms. Fortunately, a newer type of recruiting firm is emerging to respond to the needs of SMBs at a fraction of the cost (and without those hidden fees!). Now that there... Read more >

Team Challenge: Amplification

by Wonderlic Soft Skills on August 16, 2017
You may be familiar with the news story that circulated last September describing how the women on President Obama’s White House staff used “amplification” to make sure their opinions and ideas were heard. According to the Washington Post, "once a woman in the room made a key point, othe... Read more >

The Quest to De-Stress at Work

by Wonderlic Soft Skills on May 25, 2017
A large portion of self-management skills are dedicated to avoiding or dealing with workplace stress. Time management is an obvious starting point. But it's important to recognize that a large part of stress is in your mind. Ah… So how do you feel about that statement? What is your emotional response when someone tells you that what you... Read more >