Wonderlic Online and Data Exchange

Wonderlic's online testing platform allows you to seamlessly launch assessments and conveniently view results from your existing system

Wonderlic Online

Our web-based platform, Wonderlic Online, provides easy-to-use technology that allows you to test students online, from anywhere, and conveniently evaluate and compare their results, using intuitive reports.

Wonderlic Online allows assessments to be administered via computer using an internet-based testing system. This means that tests can be given at your location, or test takers can take assessments remotely, at their convenience, from any location with internet access. There are several benefits of online testing.

Standardized administration

  • Online assessments are administered consistently for all test takers. Timing and instruction delivery is always the same, so unintentional bias is not introduced to the testing process.

Reduced cost

  • Online assessments can also be more cost efficient. They require only a computer with an internet connection for access, and there is no equipment or consumable testing materials to buy.

Immediate scoring and reporting

  • Furthermore, with online assessments, you can access results immediately. You don’t have to score tests individually or worry about tampering or damage to paper forms. Also, electronically collected data lends itself to easy analysis of norms and trends.

Flexible administration schedules

  • When testing remotely, there is more flexibility in administration. Rather than needing to set up a time and place for candidates to test, they can complete assessments anytime from anywhere, and you can access their results immediately.

Wonderlic Data Exchange

By using Wonderlic’s Data Exchange capabilities, you can seamlessly incorporate the testing and reporting functions of Wonderlic Online into your existing student admissions software and application process.

The Wonderlic Data Exchange provides clients the ability to pass applicant data to and from Wonderlic Online as part of a seamless experience. Candidate data may include assessment results, demographic data, a unique candidate identifier, and test language preference.

Data Exchange allows you to:

  • Incorporate any Wonderlic assessment into your existing application processes.
  • View assessment results in your existing system.
  • Retrieve student applicant results at regular intervals or on demand.
  • Easily transfer assessment information to your database.

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