Student Admissions Tests

Wonderlic provides schools with reliable, effective assessments to help select, place and monitor students and guide them to success.

Wonderlic’s student admissions tests identify those who are most likely to succeed in your programs and help you provide the best resources to learners who need extra help, beginning at enrollment.

You know your students, and we know what employers are looking for. By drawing on 80-years’ experience providing industry-leading assessments to businesses and educators, Wonderlic can help you guide students and place them in programs that best fit each individual. We’ll give you and your students an edge in job readiness and gainful employment.

Our assessment solutions can help you:

  • Admit and place students in the programs that best match their abilities.
  • Identify and evaluate factors that may prevent students from achieving their potential.
  • Assess and monitor the educational progress of your students.

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Wonderlic Student Admissions Tests

Our assessments can help you evaluate students’ cognitive abilities, skill levels, and non-cognitive risk factors so you can place them in programs that best match their capabilities.

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Scholastic Level Exam
(SLE and SLE-Q)

Cognitive ability • program-specific scoring ranges • on-site or remote administration • easily-interpreted results

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Wonderlic Basic Skills Test

Basic skills • aligned to O*Net competencies • on-site or remote administration • reports include instructional needs

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Admissions Risk Profile

Non-cognitive risk factors • ideal for distance learning programs • online administration • quickly identify risk factors

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General Assessment of
Instructional Needs

Basic skills • diagnostics help create study plans • individual or group administration • detailed diagnostic reports

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Wonderlic Basic Skills —
Ability-to-Benefit Test
(ATB Test)

Basic skills • qualify students for Title IV funding • test administrator training and certification • only Department of Education approved Spanish ATB test

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Wonderlic Advanced
Math and Verbal Skills

Advanced skills • ideal for distance learning • online, non-proctored administration • quickly identify skill deficiencies

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Writing Skills

Writing skills • evaluate writing content and structure • choose informative or persuasive prompts • consistent, objective scoring

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Interactive Skills
Evaluations (WISE)

Computer skills • identify training needs • assess basic computer skills or software proficiency • administer on-site or remotely

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Wonderlic provides student assessment solutions that align with school and employer needs. Our priority is to help your school achieve its mission and to prepare your students for work.


Assessments that Deliver Results

By including Wonderlic’s student assessment solutions in your processes, you can:

  • Increase student retention, graduation and job placement rates.
  • Maximize accreditation compliance.
  • Reduce loan default rates.
  • Support your mission of providing high-quality education.

Convenient Web-Based Testing

Wonderlic offers student assessments through our web-based platform, Wonderlic Online. This easy-to-use technology empowers school administrators to conveniently evaluate and compare student test results. And with Wonderlic Data Exchange, you can seamlessly incorporate testing and reporting functions into your existing student admissions software or online application process.

Solutions Designed to Meet Your Needs

We’ve designed Wonderlic’s educational assessments with the specific needs of post-secondary schools in mind. With a variety of delivery and reporting options available, a Wonderlic Education Solutions Advisor can customize an assessment package that best supports your application and placement processes.

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