Press Releases

Important news and announcements from Wonderlic.

Student Survey of Competency-Based Assessment and Digital Badges Validates Soft Skills Bootcamp Development

The enthusiasm students showed for digital badging proved that the Consortium is creating a program that will be of real value to students....

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National Consortium Forms to Solve Soft Skills Gap

Too many [students] are unaware of what soft skills are, how much employers value them and what they can do to master them.” -Charlie Wonderlic,...

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Wonderlic Forms Soft Skills Steering Committee to Create Online Soft Skills Bootcamp To Help Students, Job Seekers, and Current Employees “Skill Up”

“Soft skills are difficult to define, because they mean different things to different people.” -Michael Callans, VP of R&D, Wonder...

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New Survey of Over 750 Employers Reveals Major Need for Soft Skills Training

“While 97% of employers agreed that soft skills impact job performance, only 31% reported that their job candidates have satisfactory soft s...

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Community Colleges Receive Wonderlic Soft Skills Training Scholarship

The need for skilled workers with communication, leadership, professionalism, initiative and other such skills is a topic of discussion at each of...

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Wonderlic Brings Soft Skills to Credential Engine’s Credential Registry

The Credential Registry will allow users to easily compare the quality and value of workforce credentials using a web-based system with informatio...

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