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The Wonscore™ from Wonderlic Opportunity

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Wonscore is a pre-employment testing solution that helps business owners and HR professionals quickly and objectively identify the best fit candidates for any job. Wonscore combines three powerful predictors of job performance to create an overall score for each candidate.

Wonscore Test Symbols

We designed Wonscore to be:

  • Simple – We simplify the traditionally complex process of pre-employment testing by combining three of the most powerful job performance predictors into a single, easy-to-understand score.
  • Fast – The single score helps your customers quickly identify and prioritize the best candidates.
  • Seamlessly-Integrated – The self-service, ecommerce and mobile-optimized platform provides a solution that can fit intuitively into almost any HR Software workflow.

Wonscore Test Symbols

You help your customers hire qualified candidates quickly and easily – Wonscore can enhance those values:

  • Make it easier for your customers to easily identify top candidates.
  • Improve customers’ ability to quickly hire the candidates who best fit each job.
  • Satisfy more of your customers’ recruiting and hiring needs in one platform.
  • Increase customer retention with an integration that is so seamless it will feel native.

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