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Wonderlic, Inc. is a privately held company headquartered in Vernon Hills, Illinois, and a founding member of the Association of Test Publishers.

We provide businesses and schools with a comprehensive library of highly regarded assessments and surveys for each phase of the hiring and student selection process. In our 80+ year history, we have delivered over 200 million assessments and surveys for more than 75,000 organizations, government agencies and accrediting bodies.


Wonderlic participates in numerous trade organizations and educational associations. Here is our list of the upcoming events where you’ll find us.

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Executive Bios

Meet our leadership team.

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Our expertise has a long and storied past involving football players, aircraft carriers and the most famous cognitive ability test in the world.

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Press Releases

News about Wonderlic.

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Social Responsibility

Wonderlic takes its role as a responsible corporate citizen seriously and realizes its impact on the economy, society and environment. We believe our corporate social responsibility goals involve balancing our organizational responsibilities with those we inherently owe to the environment and society. Wonderlic is a forward thinking company that cares about our employees, community and clients. This includes the scrutiny of our carbon footprint and the economic impact of our decisions. We actively encourage employees and clients to conserve valuable resources. Our offices adopt a highly visible recycling program supported 100% by our workforce. Our offices also utilize high-efficiency lighting and automatic controls to prevent waste. And while Wonderlic continues to successfully convert its paper-based clients to our online platform, we realize that many clients still require paper products. All paper due to be discarded is always properly recycled.

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