Wonderlic Data Exchange

Wonderlic Data Exchange is a toolkit that allows you to seamlessly launch Wonderlic assessments and retrieve results through your existing applicant or student tracking system. Using Wonderlic Data Exchange keeps integration expenses down, decreases setup time and provides access to all the assessments and reports that exist in Wonderlic Online.

With Wonderlic Data Exchange, you can easily:

  • Incorporate Wonderlic assessments into your existing process
  • Collect and maintain applicant information in your existing system
  • View Wonderlic assessment results in your existing applicant or student tracking system at a pre-defined interval or near real time

How Data Exchange Works

Data Exchange passes candidate information, including assessment results, demographic data, and a unique candidate identifier between your system and Wonderlic Online.

  • Data is transferred using a data transfer incorporating Web Services over HTTPS
  • Data exchange format is XML
  • XML notifications indicate when data is available or the data can be pulled on-demand

Integration With Your Existing System

Data Exchange allows you to plug Wonderlic assessments into your existing tracking system using a standardized schema. To enable this integration, you simply need to provide a technical resource on your side to create three virtual conduits that bridge your platform and ours in order to:

  • Add a candidate to Wonderlic’s system and launch tests
  • Collect results notifications
  • Request results from Wonderlic’s system