Wonderlic Survey Products

Wonderlic’s engagement surveys help employers and educators better understand and monitor student, graduate, employee and client perspectives about organizational value and performance. Our professionally developed retention survey questions and confidential approach to collecting, analyzing and reporting feedback help increase response rates and the quality of results.

Wonderlic retention surveys can be administered online and/or via paper based on client need. Results are easy-to-understand and use. Wonderlic’s team of experienced Industrial/Organizational professionals is available to help determine the optimal engagement survey content and administrative approach, as well as to help use survey findings to build practical, actionable plans.

Each of the following engagement surveys has been designed to objectively gather relevant information and present results, trends, comments and Wonderlic recommendations that help drive continuous improvement.

Employment surveys

Wonderlic employment surveys measure the opinions and expectations of your employees.


Customer surveys

Wonderlic customer surveys provide direct feedback on your products, services or initiatives.


Education surveys

Wonderlic education surveys gather student and stakeholder opinions and concerns that can impact retention and accreditation efforts.