Wonderlic Distance Learner Admissions

Wonderlic’s Distance Learner Admissions Package is a powerful combination of online student assessments specifically formulated to help distance learning and blended education programs select and retain the best students.

This package includes proven online student assessments that will guide you in admitting individuals who are most likely to succeed in an online learning environment. Each student’s distance learning tests are launched and tracked through Wonderlic Online, our Internet platform designed to help clients manage their student admissions decision-making processes.

The following online student assessments are available to your applicants 24/7 for self-administration via the Internet:

  • Wonderlic Admissions Risk Profile - Provides prescreening questions to help identify risk factors that could affect retention and completion rates. Content focuses on computer skills, access to technology, schedule management, program commitment, motivation, academic confidence, communication skills and social support.
  • Wonderlic Scholastic Level Exam - Distance Learner – Predicts a student’s cognitive ability by means of a self-administered, Internet-based test. Research shows that cognitive ability is the single best predictor of academic success.
  • Wonderlic Basic Skills Test - Non Proctored - Remotely measures basic verbal and quantitative skills to assist in student admissions and placement.
  • Wonderlic Writing Skills EvaluationLeverages award-winning, web-based artificial intelligence technology to automate the collection and scoring of admissions essays. Results are available within seconds of submittal. This patented technology will improve scoring quality, consistency, reliability and scalability. 

For more information regarding Wonderlic‘s Distance Learner Admissions package, please visit our How To Buy section or contact us directly at 877.605.9496.

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