What sets us apart?

Wonderlic assessments help retailers identify and hire individuals with the necessary retail skills and attitudes – those who are conscientious, productive, reliable and sales-oriented.

Whether entry level or management, full time or part time, permanent or seasonal, Wonderlic offers a customizable battery of assessments and survey products that help retailers make hiring decisions and create plans for development that help reduce:

  • Turnover
  • Internal theft and shrinkage
  • Customer dissatisfaction
  • Accidents and fraudulent claims
  • Absenteeism and tardiness

Designed with features specific to the retail market, our hiring solution allows you to:

  • Immediately launch and score Wonderlic’s proven assessments as part of your hiring process.
  • Minimize time spent with unqualified candidates.
  • Dramatically improve staff retention.

Step-By-Step Process

By using our step-by-step process, you’ll quickly identify qualified candidates with the retail skills and attitude that suit your organization’s needs. Top matches are clearly indicated at each step. This multiple-hurdle approach allows you to move forward with only the candidates with the required retail skills. These online solutions are available 24/7 to provide:

  • Registration and Resume Collection – applicants self-register online at their convenience and provide background information.
  • Pre-Screening Questions – applicants complete an online questionnaire covering job-specific eligibility requirements and level of experience. 
  • Remote Testing – qualified candidates are invited to take one or more self-administered tests online that help predict counterproductivity, turnover and other important traits.
  • Structured Interview Questions –Interviewers use questions developed by Wonderlic’s Psychologist to help identify the best candidates from a well qualified pool of applicants.    


Our Job Index Engine
Our Job Index Engine draws from a comprehensive library based on data from the U.S. Department of Labor and our long expertise in the retail marketplace. The Index instantly provides a job profile with recommended employee assessments and scoring ranges for over 700 pre-defined jobs. Examples include:

  • Store Associate
  • Store Manager
  • Warehouse Clerk
  • Distribution Center Personnel

For positions or organizations with unique requirements, our analysts work with you to develop a customized hiring system based on our proven process. They will:

  • Develop prequalification, interview and survey questions.
  • Select assessments and score ranges based on the requirements for the position.
  • Evaluate results and offer suggestions for continued refinement.

Wonderlic Online
All test scores and candidate information are stored in Wonderlic Online for immediate access and easy tracking. Our entire process can also be integrated into your existing applicant tracking system for a seamless hiring solution.

Note: Recommended assessments vary by position.  Please contact a Wonderlic representative for complete details.

*The Loss Prevention Survey is not a pre-employment assessment, but is a critical retail offering.  This survey provides insight into employee integrity and ethical behavior, pinpointing areas that can provide immediate risk mitigation and cost savings.

How it's used

Proven Client Results
A specialty retailer used Wonderlic assessments to measure core personality factors related to an employee’s success. This client found that applicants who scored better on the assessments had higher levels of revenue per hour and per transaction. Projected return on investment for the 141 hired employees was almost $2,000,000.

A soft line retailer administered the Wonderlic Loss Prevention Survey in many of its locations. Results from the Survey helped launch various internal investigations. Surveyed employees also reported the following:

  • 22% stated that they knew of co-workers who had falsified their clock-in/clock-out times
  • 27.3% knew of co-workers who had abused their employee discount
  • 16.8% stated it would somewhat or very easy to take money or merchandise