Wonderlic Adult Basic Education Assessments

Students in your Adult Basic Education program seek the shortest distance to better employment and post-secondary educational programs. Wonderlic can help you get them there quickly and easily with our expert guidance, powerful technology and innovative new adult basic education test of English and math skills —the Wonderlic General Assessment of Instructional Needs (GAIN)®.


The Measure of Progress is GAIN

This adult basic education test provides a superior testing and scoring platform for your program that will make your instruction more effective and educational gains more measurable.

In just 90 minutes of total test time, with results in minutes and a detailed diagnostic report with Scale Scores, Educational Functioning Levels (EFLs) and educational suggestions, GAIN quickly moves your students toward their objectives. With no locator test and free Test Administrator certification, GAIN enables your instructors to focus their time on what they do best—teaching.

GAIN is approved by the U.S. Department of Education for use in all NRS-funded Adult Basic Education programs.

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Powerful Technology

Adult Basic Education centers that use GAIN unlock the power of Wonderlic Online. This secure, web-based platform allows any authorized user in your program to view and manage student records, and track their progress throughout the course of their education. Test results, student information and group reporting are available with a few mouse clicks in Wonderlic Online.

Wonderlic also offers Data Exchange for Adult Basic Education programs that need to comply with state reporting mandates. Data Exchange automatically transfers student demographic information and GAIN scores to your state reporting system.

Adult Education Expertise

Adult Education Expertise

Wonderlic is proud to have experts in the field of Adult Basic Education on staff to advise our ABE clients. With nearly 60 years of combined industry experience, our Adult Basic Education testing specialists can help guide your students, and your program, to new heights.