Knowledge & Skills Tests

Wonderlic skills tests quickly and accurately evaluate the math, English and office software proficiency of your candidates. Popular with human resource executives, hiring managers, and employee training programs, our extensive library of skills tests helps provide insight into an candidate’s capabilities.

By selecting employees with the appropriate level of skill required for successful performance, you can reduce training time and turnover and improve productivity and job satisfaction.

Wonderlic Skills Tests are used for hiring and training, with proven, legally defensible results.

Test Name


Quality Care Inventory (QCI)

  • Suite of interactive simulations to assess task-specific job knowledge and skills for a variety of allied health positions
  • Assess candidates and understand current employee training and development needs

Wonderlic Advanced Skills Test (WAST)

  • Remotely measures the language and mathematics skills needed to enter jobs that require “some” to “extensive” preparation
  • No proctor needed

Wonderlic Basic Skills Test (WBST)

  • Assess a candidate's basic math and verbal skills
  • Ideal for entry-level jobs and training programs

Wonderlic Basic Skills Test – Non Proctored (WBST-NP)

  • Remotely assess a candidate's basic math and verbal skills
  • Ideal for entry-level jobs and training programs
  • No proctor needed

Wonderlic Interactive Skills Evaluation (WISE)

  • Assesses a person’s knowledge of common Microsoft software, keyboarding accuracy and speed and call center skills
  • Multiple levels and versions available

Wonderlic Automated Essay Scoring

  • Evaluate a candidate’s written communication proficiencies in terms of structure and content
  • Select from Persuasive or Informative prompts

Wonderlic HAY Aptitude Test Battery

  • Measure a candidate’s ability to work quickly and accurately with alphabetical and numerical detail