Wonderlic Behavioral Reliability Tests

Wonderlic’s behavioral reliability tests are designed to measure productivity and identify individuals who are likely to be low-risk employees. These productivity tests are useful when candidates have little to no prior work experience and have access to company vehicles, equipment, cash, merchandise or perform their job with little direct supervision.

By using productivity tests as part of your employee selection process, you can quickly and objectively identify conscientious and service-oriented candidates who will have a low likelihood of turnover.

Wonderlic Productivity Index

The Wonderlic Productivity Index is used to predict a candidate’s likelihood of counterproductive behavior.


Wonderlic Productivity Index - Behavioral Questionnaire

The Wonderlic Productivity Index - Behavioral Questionnaire helps employers quickly determine whether a job candidate has the right combination of personality traits to become a productive, low-risk employee.


Work Readiness ASSESSMENT

The Wonderlic Work Readiness Assessment helps you identify gaps in work readiness before an individual begins a job. This quick and effective risk behavior survey identifies the areas where they need improvement, and allows you to evaluate their progress as they move through your program.