Admissions Risk Profile


The Wonderlic Admissions Risk Profile guides the admissions process by providing insight into potential risk factors that often contribute to a student’s decision to drop out. It identifies areas where additional support from school advisors could be helpful to steer students towards more suitable programs, and in some cases, to delay or deny admission when too many risk factors are present.

This interactive questionnaire focuses on:

  • Schedule Management
  • Program Commitment
  • Motivation
  • Academic Confidence
  • Communication Skills
  • Internet Access
  • Tech Knowledge
  • Transportation

The flexibility in this product allows it to be used for distance learning, campus-based and blended programs, and it can be administered prior to the admissions interview or after enrollment.


Online Administration, Scoring and Reporting

  • Profile can be completed from any computer with Internet connectivity
  • Results are provided in minutes

Easy to Understand Results Report

  • Quickly compare students with our simple, two-color system: Green and Red indicates applicant suitability compared to the requirements of your program type (campus-based, distance learning or blended)
  • Areas of risk are identified to help determine where extra support is needed

Simple Student Record Management in Wonderlic Online

  • Item-level sorting and filtering capabilities allow you to quickly identify individuals most suitable for your program
  • Applicant progression through your enrollment process can be easily tracked